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Several Solutions to Stop Under Skin Acne If you saw pimples appearing, for example, under the skin of your face – do not waste time. Do not wait, it is better to resort to proven traditional remedies, such as aloe vera. One of the option is to cut the aloe leaf and to apply its pulp on acne. Leave it overnight after fixing it with plaster. Several such applications will allow you to safely clean your skin. To normalize your metabolism and cleanse your body of any toxins, drink nettles infusion. If you drink it for a month, the skin will be clean of any rash. Take bathes with sea salt, and try not to wear underwear and clothes made of synthetic tissues. Your skin should breathe, and it can only breathe in contact with natural tissues. Outdoor activities and walks are also useful both for your skin and for your body overall. Prepare a lotion of boiled water and lemon juice and wipe your skin after each washing it. Try to apply on your skin tea tree oil mixed with water every four hours. It will dry your skin, and will contribute to the removal of inflammation. If the pimple is very large and painful, apply some anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory on it and leave overnight. The effect of it will not be long in coming. But do not forget to consult with your doctor first. Another amazing tradition remedy is a mask made of natural ingredients. There is a huge variety of recipes, you can choose the one that is the best for you and your skin. For example, you can make a mask of white cosmetic clay, of raw grated potato, of talc powder, of sodium, of any adsorbent and even aspirin! If the mask includes water, you can substitute it with any herbal decoction – it will make your skin look more healthy. And fell free to add some essential oils, such as mint, pine or the abovementioned tea tree oil – their useful properties are well-known.
You have great traditional remedies. How can I naturally lighten the dark circles under my eyes? I have asked this before on Vingle and I have gotten wonderful suggestions. I was just wondering if you had any traditional advice. I don't have any puffiness and I have irregular sleeping patterns. I drink lots of water.
sure I'll update reg the same traditional way to lighten dark circles @Eastern Shell