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여러분! I hope you're all doing well! I've been very busy this past week so I'd like to provide you guys with a little update. We'll have a lot going on this weekend so I thought it'd be best if I gave you a heads up! First off, ToC part 2 will be posted today. So will a Yoongi short smut. And because they will be maturely rated, I think it's only right that I create a new tag list. I know a lot of my readers are underage or just aren't interested in this kind of stuff, and I completely understand. So I'm creating a tag list for mature rated content ONLY. If you have been tagged in my other works, that list will now be for PG-13 and under fiction and regular nonsense cards. Note: I've decided Illumination fic will NOT have smut. Just a lot of swearing and maybe a dead guy or two.
If you'd like to be on my mature content list, you MUST comment on this post to let me know. Also, you could always just follow my collections if that's simpler for you.

If you do not comment I will assume you are not interested in mature cards and you won't be tagged.

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Me please :)
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tag me!!
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Super late but tag me?
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Tag my sister @Stephany123
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