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Well lets just start of by if this gets more than 100 likes maybe i will start a new collection which is very promising and without any more wasting of time let do this!
hey guys so what do you think about this well for starters this is the best entrance of all time. come on guys its thw truth i dont think he looks the best i mean after super sayian, bijuu mode anf other anime hero forms he isnt the best but nice name BOUNCE-MAN anyways what do you think do you like him or not, does he look super powerful or not! I WILL TALK TO YOU IN THE COMMENTS . let me know in the comments section below what you think until then next time guy's see ya !
GEAR 5! Also let me know if you know about this do you like him or not and ... the power wasnt revealed yet........ DONT FORGET TO SNASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!!!#$@@!!
@MajahnNelson dude i feel ya man!
I do like how creative he had to be to come up with that form. Luffy may be simple sometimes but when comes to making up for his weaknesses for his nakama's sake, he's a genius.
I'm not gonna lie, when I first saw him bouncing while taunting Mingo, I laughed. Cause I was like, 'Oh snap. Mingo gonna die.' But it's funny to see him bounce like that. But I really dig it. It shows just how far he's come from the Battle of the Best.
It's a really powerful form I'll give him that. But the fact that his face is so dead serious while he's bouncing like damn bouncy ball made me laugh so hard. I don't know why but having suck a serious face when you're constantly bouncing is a hilarious contrast lol.