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Times like these, when I can't stand sitting in silence for a long time, I will tend to put on an anime show that I have already seen and listen to the lovely English voice actors voice while fangirling on the inside. For example these lovely shows that I love to death
This week i picked FULL MENTAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD its been a while since i've seen it and i love it to death
And who can forget the lovely opening Again by Yui :)
but most importantly i get to see bae Winry

What anime to you tend to watch when you're board? Or you're in class and have nothing better to do?

Cool I'll check it out @ChristinaOMalle
I thought i was the only one \(//∇//)\
@xuannhi26 I suggest to read the Manga if you haven't its called Fruits Basket
Fairy Tale!
I've seen all the anime in the first set of pics except for the 5th one. But in class I watch Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun lol :D
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