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Times like these, when I can't stand sitting in silence for a long time, I will tend to put on an anime show that I have already seen and listen to the lovely English voice actors voice while fangirling on the inside. For example these lovely shows that I love to death
This week i picked FULL MENTAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD its been a while since i've seen it and i love it to death
And who can forget the lovely opening Again by Yui :)
but most importantly i get to see bae Winry

What anime to you tend to watch when you're board? Or you're in class and have nothing better to do?

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I thought i was the only one \(//∇//)\
I've seen all the anime in the first set of pics except for the 5th one. But in class I watch Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun lol :D
Fairy Tale!
@xuannhi26 I suggest to read the Manga if you haven't its called Fruits Basket
Cool I'll check it out @ChristinaOMalle