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It's actually hard to choose, ain't it?
Today, though, since it's a marathon and we're partnering and it's Valentine's weekend, I decided to gift my partner with her bias - Kwon Ji-Yong.
I love my bias to ddddddeath. I mean, look at him, but sometimes I also want to keep him all to myself haha.
Someone's excited. But he's also a little shy so let's give him some room to work his magic.
BBxGD loves his red hair.
But what about that sexy and sweet orange?
Personally, I think I like that pink. And I never thought I would ever want to be a glass or a lighter.
He used to be my bias once upon a time because I couldn't get over the SMILE! SHIT! Aaahh, too many!
Don't underestimate his dancing shoes...

CHEERS to the coolest leader around.


<Enter Me> nnnnnooooooowwwwww!
Partner: BBxGD
β– β–‘β–  You and your partner @BBxGD have been entered for the Big Bang Community Giveaway Competition β– β–‘β–  . . I swear I didn't save any of these photos/Gifs.....but I might of clipped this card into my private collection. ..oops lol This is a great card I love itβ™‘β™‘β™‘
omg I loved it
Love it... GD is super cute in every way!!!