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People have been asking for more BTS stories. Thanks to those who supported my BTS Loves Chocolate. It was fun to make and ended oddly. Well here is the spin off.


link to BTS Loves Chocolate Part 9 You might want to read this before reading All Grown up With BTS. Reminder that my stories see BTS members as normal ppl not as the actual BTS. This chapter is not risqué but I know my future chapters will be...


We have some new characters....

The Wolf Pack is all grown. Jimin and Jasmine are married with their son Kwan. Namjoon is in a relationship with a girl named Jessamine. Tae is married to Koko and they have a baby girl named Areum. Hoseok is married to a girl named Nari and they have a son named Hyeon. Jungkook is with a girl named Sophie. Yoongi is married to Nabi and they are expecting. Jin is married to a girl named Tiffani. They have a baby named Sunset.

Part one: Catch up

It has been six years since we have checked up with Jasmine, Yoongi, Jimin, Namjoon, Jungkook, Tae, Jin, and Hoseok. The crew had already graduated from college and they were living life. They still were close and some closer than ever. "Ah shit it's Valentine's week. I used to love this holiday but lately I'm not feeling too sexy..especially since I had Hyeon." Nari says while changing her chubby baby boy. "Girl don't let that get you down. Hoseok adores and I know he always see you as sexy. You just need to you know...spice things up chica." Jasmine says while playing with her son Kwan. "You and Jimin don't have any issues in the bedroom since you had the baby?" Nari says. "It's Jimin you are speaking about honey. We were screwing until the doctor told me to stop and he couldn't wait until after I was healed." Jasmine blushed. "Well, yeah you two do screw like bunnies. I just don't know what to do Jazz." "Look tomorrow the guys are all watching the babies. Jimin, Hoseok, Jin, and Tae will be having a daddy day. You and I can go shopping and stuff." Jasmine says while getting ready to nurse Kwan. "Yes! I could use a girl day with my chica!" Nari says. Jasmine was in her bedroom nursing her son. He was finally silent. Before he was throwing a fit. Jasmine lived this time with her son. He was super cute with his chubby fat cheeks and his green eyes. He got his eyes from his her, but he looked like Jimin. People called them twins. Jimin and Jasmine named him Kwan, because they hoped that he would grow up to be powerful. When he was in the womb he would always give powerful strong kicks. Jasmine would be sick from his kicks. Right after college Hoseok married his long time girlfriend Nari. After Jimin and Jasmine had their break through during break. He knew the sharing her thing wouldn't work. He was bummed he was the only one that didn't get a slice, but he always looked at Jasmine as a little sister. He was inspired to date and that when he meet Nari. Namjoon was dating a girl named Jessamine. Everyone thought it was super funny. He thinking about marrying her. Tae is also married to a girl named Koko they have a baby girl named Areum. He randomly found her during his college years. Jungkook was in a relationship with a girl named Sophie. Yoongi just married a girl named Nabi and they are expecting. Jimin and Jasmine married 2 years before having their son. Jin is married to a girl named Tiffani and they have a baby girl named Sunset. Jimin and Jasmine own many dance studios. A few in California, New York, Atlanta, and Korea. They were a household name. Hoseok was a teacher at the one in California. Yoongi works as a music producer and has been very busy. Namjoon and him own a khip hop label named Wild Child. Jungkook and Tae both own a few high class clubs in California and they are looking into expanding to Korea. Jin has a few high class Korean restaurants in California. Kwan was looking up at his mommy as he nursed. His little ears moved when he heard his father walk into the bedroom. Jimin sat down next to his wife. "Ah, I wanted to play with mommy son. You think you can share the other milk jug with your dad?" Jasmine quickly smacked Jimin on his arm. "Shut up don't speak like that around snuggle cheeks." She turned and looked at Kwan. "Don't listen to silky daddy. He's just a stinker poo." She says in a baby tone. Kwan began cooing. He was finshed nursing and ready for a nap. Jasmine began to adjust herself. She stood up with Kwan cradled in her arms. He burped a little and the closed his eyes and began drifting away. Jasmine rolled her eyes at Jimin and hit him playfully again. Jimin laughed. "Those were all mine before him, now I gotta share. No fun." Jimin pouted. "Shh snuggle cheeks is napping. I'm going to take him to his room. We can play later baby." She blew him a kiss.
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Part 2 Daddy and Baby Day

Jasmine, Nari, Tiffani, Koko were in the mall. They were happy to have time away from the baby and their husbands. However, they were nervous and hope that their husbands didn't break their babies. "Okay ladies. I have a grand day planned for us. We will begun with our day at the spa. We are getting feet and nails done, waxing, and facials. Then we are going shopping for some cute outfits mostly lingerie. Then we will have lunch. Then we will have a pole dancing class." Jasmine says. "Wow you have a bunch of stuff for us to do!" Koko says. "Well some of us do need to get our sexy back ladies. I'm so excited!" Nari says. Meanwhile Hoseok, Tae, Jin, and Jimin were at the the indoor baby play camp. All the babies were around the same age. Sunset was the eldest she was 9 months, Hyeon was 6 months, Kwan was 5months, andand Areum was 7 months. All the fathers were sitting on the mat with their babies. "Hey let's see who baby is the best crawler! I know baby Hyeon will win!" Hoseok says. All the dads agree. They set their children up and then walk a fee feet away and begun cheering their children. The babies looked confused. The began giggling at their enthusiastic fathers. The men were chanting and making wild noises. " C'mon Kwan show your power!" Jimin yells. " Hyeon come to ya father! You got this!" Hoseok yells. " Sunset come to papa!"says Jin says "Areum show then how's it's done princess!" Tae says. The babies laugh and they began moving towards each other and begin playing and speaking in baby dilect. The fathers smilies fade. "Ah, they are like their mother's always doing what they want!" Tae says. The father's laugh. "C'MON out Nari let's us see what you got!" The girls cheer. "I don't know....I'm not as sexy as before. Hell I don't think I was sexy then." Nari takes in a deep breath and walks out in a lacey yellow bra and panty pair. She looked like she wanted to run back in. She looked into the mirror and tears began to fill in her brown honey ears. "Nari, no honey what is wrong. I look like a child compared to all of you. Let's just forget it." "Well anyone would look like a child if they are crying. Nari, you are beautiful and that color looks great on you." Jasmine says. "Look stand up straight honey. Suck it in and stick it out." Jasmine giggles. "Oh my I looked different. Who is this woman." Nari says. " When in doubt suck it in and stuck it out." Tiffani says while laughing. " Yeah you look much better and more confident." Koko says. "I know Hoseok loves confidence! You gotta work that honey!" Jasmine says. Jasmine texted Jimin while waiting to set up for the pol dancing class. -Baby how's my baby? -I'm good baby. -Jimin I'm speaking about my snuggle cheeks. -But I'm glad you are well papi. Jimin records Kwan playing around and making faces in the camera phone. He sends the video to his wife. -Jimin what he'll is that punk shit on my baby's face! -Oh um....he wanted some of my strawberry ice cream. -What the hell Jimin Park?! Don't feed that sugar to our baby! I'm gonna kill you! -I love you mommy! Don't kill daddy! Jimin.... -Oh Kwan typed that....don't worry baby he's good. I am his father after all. -Bye Jimin my baby better look like he did when I left him with you.
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