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Another Baekhyun one lol ♡ Title : Christmas Romance (Your POV) I sigh peacefully as I gaze out of the frost covered bus window. Christmas is two days away and I need to finish wrapping all of the presents that I got for Baekyun, aka my bestest friend in the whole wide world. biggest crush since middle school. The bus slows to a stop at my place so I hurry and gather all my belongings and get off the bus. I step out of the bus and I hear a nice crunchy sound as I step on the snow with my winter boots. I smile to myself and start walking into my apartment building. I love Christmas time. It's my favorite time of year! I get in to my apartment and shut the door behind me. As soon as I set my purse down, my phone starts ringing. Aish..where did I put my phone? I start digging in my purse for what seems like days until I finally find it and answer it. "Hello?" "_____! I need help! Come to the dorm asap!" *beep beep beep* Baekhyun hangs up before I can even answer. Aigoo that boy.. "I just came from outside.." I whine under my breath. I put my coat, scarf, hat, and boots back on and head out to the Exo dorm. - I knock on the dorm door and I hear shuffling and conversation from inside. The door swings open to reveal Suho, smiling warmly and handing me a cup of hot cocoa. I smile back and accept his kind offer, not daring to sip on it yet because of the hot temperature. "Oh my, you look like Rudolph..your nose is super a cherry!" Chen exclaims, laughing loudly. I scrunch up my face at him and hit him playfully. These boys...always so goofy.. "Baek's in his room..he said he needs help with getting a Christmas present for someone he likes or something..I don't know..but good luck..he's been in a whiny baby mood all day.." Kai explains. My heart immediately sinks. He..likes someone? heart hurts. I don't want to help..can I go home now? Ignoring my painful heart, I nod to Kai, hand him my mug, and start walking to Baekhyun's and Chanyeol's shared room. I gulp before I reach up and knock lightly. The door flies open and strong hands pull me into the room. Baekhyun looks panicked as he closes the door and strides up to me, grabbing my shoulders. "Please help...I don't know what to get for the girl I like!" He exclaims, shaking me violently. My heart completely breaks. I guess...he already has someone he likes...I shouldn't be like this...but it hurts.. I take his hands off my shoulders and look to the ground. "I can't help..I need to go.." I mumble. I quickly scramble out of the room and almost make it to the front door before tears start falling down my face. I try to sneak out but..I fail. "______! What's wrong?! Are you okay?!" D.O. asks me in panic. I wipe the tears off my face before I turn around to face the members. I can see Baekhyun in the back, leaning on the wall. A couple tears escape but I don't bother to wipe them off. "I'm okay..I just...need to go.." I reply quietly. I make it out of the dorm with the anxious members all staring at me. I rush down to the main lobby and then out the door. It's lightly snowing outside...if I wasn't heartbroken, I'd probably stop and enjoy the beautiful sight. Snowflakes start falling and they collect in my hair. I feel someone clutch my wrist and turn me towards them. It's Baekhyun. I close my eyes so I don't have to look at him. "Seriously, _____..what's wrong?" Baekhyun asks with sincerity. I open my eyes to see him staring into my eyes. He lets go of my wrist to wipe my tears off with his thumbs. My face turns pink. His face is so close to mine! "Tell me what's wrong." He whispers, leaning even closer. "N-nothing is wrong.." I stutter, painfully aware of how close his lips are to my face. "I know you're lying.." He states. "I-I'm not lying.." DANG IT, KEEP YOUR COOL! " are...tell me." He commands. "I'm really not." I reply. "No." "Yes." I whisper. "Tell me." "No." I deny. "Tell me!" He exclaims. I sigh deeply and look to the ground. Should I confess everything? Yeah I should..I might feel better. "So..what's wrong?" He asks genuinely. I glance to the left, then to the right. The snow is really beautiful and the sun is setting. It's breathtaking. I look to Baekhyun as the small snowflakes fall nicely and nestle in his fluffy brown hair. He always looks so handsome. "It's because...I've been in love with you ever since middle school and I..I heartbroken about you liking another girl..I don't's a little pathetic for me to feel this je-" I'm cut off when Baekhyun grabs me and presses his smooth yet chapped lips onto my cold ones. My eyes widen and I blush as red as a firetruck. His hand comes up to caress my cheek and my eyes slowly flutter closed as I get wrapped up in this electrifying sensation. I wrap my arms around his neck and finally respond to his kiss. Is this a dream right now? Am I dreaming?! Baek. Is. Kissing. Me!! The warmth of his soft lips disappear and my eyes open in a daze. He smiles slightly and moves to plant a peck on my forehead, my arms still tightly wrapped around him. "The girl that I like is you..I love you.." He whispers, closing the somewhat empty space between us and leaning in for another kiss. I smile into the kiss as the cold snowflakes fall around us. This is going to be the best Christmas ever! (this is mine please don't take it and if you do...please give me credit) tagging ppl who liked my other stories : @EmilyPeacock @yaya12 @UnnieCakesAli @Eliortiz13
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