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If you aren't aware as yet, coconut oil is the truth.

I don't just say that because I use it like I use soap and water, but I say that because they are facts. When Kanye request all models and extras to have a natural look, I was expecting maybe a bit of concealer or something to cover up our skin. Instead Yeezy requested we have coconut oil applied to our face.
Yes, coconut oil. Apparently Yeezy knows what's up.
While still in the process of trying to get my skin in tip top shape, being in a room full of women who were in the same boat made all traces of low self-esteem drift away. I felt beautiful without a trace of makeup on my face. The coconut oil was enough to make me feel like I was on top of the world.
One of the girls I said beside on her lunch break said, 'this isn't a look I would go for everyday, but I feel like a queen. I feel beautiful'. That made me smile. It's crazy that it took being surrounded in a room full of women who have the same imperfections as yourself to realize just how beautiful you are behind the makeup and the extra glamour.
If you didn't know your beauty before, throw on some coconut oil in a room full of women who suffer from redness, dark spots and/or the occasional acne and you're realize just how human we all are at the end of the day.

Do you feel your best without makeup?

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so very true!!! I agree! taking care of your skin is def key @stephosorio
I prefer little to no makeup so with that being said I try to keep my face as clear from breakouts as much as possible
That's always a plus! Nobodies a fan of breakouts, ever @justme29
Honestly, Every1 tells me I have natural beauty I never used to go with out make up even just sitting @ home about 2 go 2 bed I know stupid really stupid too dang expensive to put on and go 2 bed however, I do feel a little better when I get ALL dolled up.
I think we all feel that way to an extent. every woman loves to be dolled up, but it's also an amazing feeling to sit around with a bare face and appreciate your skin for what it is @AshleyPatterson