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You guys need to get this app if you haven't already!! It has tons of adorable alarms to wake you up in the morning but most importantly Winner did a collab with them and guess what????? You get to wake up to absolutely adorable video calls that they recorded or audio and they even have interactive little clips with any of your winner bias!! I woke up extremely happy this morning , now all we need if for BigBang to collab with them so I can wake up to Jiyongs beautiful voice everything will be perfect
Update*** To get the winner package you have to pay 20 doll hairs but it's worth it
I need it I love winner
@prettieeEmm its soo adorable the videos are soo cute and you can choose any or all members
20 doll hairs. ..lmao!!
@BluBear07 yes lol dumb and dumber is the best movie ever so I've adapted the term doll hairs ๐Ÿ˜‚