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{FSF} Favorite Seiyuu!
Hiya Guys!! (: My favorite Seiyuu is by far Mamoru Miyano! His voice is amazing and how he puts all his emotions into the characters just makes the anime more meaningful.
My favorite English Seiyuu definitely has to be Travis Willingham!! Hes just so funny! haha c: And I just love his voice XD
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Travis Willingham is awesome he's also in infamous second son and battlefield hardline and he's married to Laura bailey who is another anime voice actor
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LOL You know I love my Seiyuu way too much to pick favorites. If there were categories I could at least narrow list a bit, haha. 馃槀
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@NikolasSatterwh yup yup c: Lust and Roy cx
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My favorite va would have to be Christopher Sabat, though I love a lot of them and my favorite seiyu would have to be Neeko.
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Johnny Bosch and Crispin Freeman
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