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Kanye West Is making a video game, y'all. It's real, it's happening. Kanye unveiled a trailer for his newest enterprise in entertainment media yesterday while he livestreamed a huge show on Tidal. In the performance Kanye showed off some new tracks from the upcoming album The Life of Pablo as well as some pieces from his new clothing line.
The game trailer was icing on the Kanye-cake, basically.
And you know what? It looks pretty dope.

Check out the trailer right here:

Looks good enough, from the trailer. I'm honestly not sure what kind of game to expect, but the artwork is a lot better than I'd ever have considered. I made mention of this new Kanye game to a friend and the first thing she asked was whether it was something in line with that Kim Kardashian app. I hadn't thought that this could've been a horror like that.
Instead, no. It looks like a painting in motion, an artistic salute to Kanye's late mother. It's sweet, melancholic maybe.
But of course, because this is Kanye West, he wanted everyone to know that this isn't just some off the cuff BS. He wanted everyone to know that "this shit was hard to do, man!" And that the process of finding a cooperative developer was a difficult task.
I love Kanye, I can't front about that. But I also feel like he must be exaggerating when he said that he'd be going around the Bay Area and developers would say things like 'fuck you'. He's Kanye West, I don't see too many devs throwing him out the door.
Whatever the case is, we now have this teaser footage for 'Only One'. We'll have to just follow the updates as they come.
@CreeTheOtaku ah bummer. but that's okay too. maybe the game will be good and you can be a fan of that part of Kanye, lol
Looks beautiful
The trailer looks...interesting. Hope the game turns out to be as good as his music!
@InVinsybll sadly not a huge fan of his work >>"
@ShakirBishop I think I agree. it's a particular style and I like what I'm seeing in it so far
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