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It's no secret that nail polishes have some of the best names.

Have you ever wondered where your favorite nail polish got its name? The quirkier the better, if you ask me. Lincoln Park After Dark, Starter Wife and I Don't Know..Beets Me are just a few nail polish titles that make the polish more intriguing. I've been in a situation where I choose a nail polish based off the color and then I've also been in a situation where I choose a nail polish solely off how amazing the name was.
Never will you walk into a nail salon and see a nail polish with a word word title describing the color. It's deeper than that. Like anything, it's a process that must be executed by each nail brand in order to find the perfect title. Because in the world of beauty, titles are everything. It's practically what sells the product after a few other things. If you're interested in finding out how some of your favorite nail polish brands got their name according to POPSUGAR, keep scrolling.

Polish Brand: Essie

The founder of Essie, Essie Weingarten, spoke on the inspiration of names saying "whether it be a destination, fashion trend, or a pop culture era. These places, people, or moments in time lend themselves to the creative process of naming beloved, fun, and catchy polish shades. As soon as winter’s chill is finally gone, spring fever hits, and the only cure is a trip to Florida—with fun shades like 'High Class Affair,' 'Lounge Lover,' and 'Sunshine State of Mind,'.

Polish Brand: OPI

Co-founder and artistic director of OPI, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann says, "Inspiration comes from food, music, fashion, film, art, and pop culture. For destination-based collections, which are launched twice a year, the group will play upon unique, interesting, or noteworthy elements from the country or city in question to come up with hundreds of names for consideration. The group members individually brainstorm beforehand, so we all go into the naming meeting with our best, funniest, and most creative names to share.'

Polish Brand: Deborah Lippmann

Founder of popular polish brand, Deborah Lippmann spoke on the origin of the brands names saying "When I was getting ready to launch my brand (and) figuring out how to name the shades, I considered the products that I personally buy. For me as a consumer I’m extremely visual, but I also found that the name of a shade could make or break whether I bought a product or not. If the name didn’t match my perception of the shade, I would get confused and not buy it. Sometimes we’ll pop open a bottle of wine and get four or five people around computers looking on iTunes. We’ll also review customer suggestions—so many people will email us song titles for potential colors. While we do have an ongoing list of songs, the color always comes before the name."

Do you look at the title when purchasing a polish? Do you have a favorite?

that would be the perfect name for you then! I enjoy naming things as well @EasternShell
Yes I want that job lol. No really. I like naming things.