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Parts : all found on card one

WARNING : Mature, gang related content

*flashback *

"Freeing him?"

"Yes, freeing him. He doesn't deserve to be a tool or a bargaining chip. He's a smart, decent kid who could have gone on to do great things in life if you hadn't made him waste all of that on a plan to get rid of me. You're pathetic."

Sungmin finally bursts. "Shut up! You don't know me and you don't know him!"

Yongguk is trying to stay out of this matter. It's not his brother and since his hands are dirty from this as well, he's not going to pretend Himchan is wrong.

"I know both of you! I probably understand him in ways you never could! You took his future just like you took mine! Yes, I chose to come do this and I chose to stay; but prior to you I'd have never thought of going into this kind of work. His love for you as his brother is corrupting and blinding him. Youngjae is a nice kid, and you forced him into a role he doesn't fit. He's not going to leave now either, he wants to help the brother he idolizes."

Sungmin falls silent; and for the first time in many, many years he feels like he's done wrong. His wrongs are found in the fact that he really did take his brother's future to help aid in his own personal gain. He made his problem, Youngjae's problem. And to have the problem itself pointing it all out is devastating.

"You're right. You're so right. I was blind. It's no wonder you're the smart one."

Himchan slouches back in his chair. "About time you realized it. You seemed to have forgotten that for quite awhile. See, this is what happens when you decide to come up with plans."

He smiles bitterly. "I guess you're right; I managed to ruin two people's lives with my plans. Unfortunately, it's too late to say sorry and make up for everything."

"That's right. It is too late." Himchan sighs. "But I came up with a decent way for you to atone for the suffering you've caused. Though to be honest, it doesn't take into account the possible innovation for society if Youngjae and I had been able to move on to lead productive lives."

"You're really laying the guilt on thick."

"Don't worry you'll be free of that guilt soon...Let's go!"

Jongup and Junhong run in and subdue the two men. While Sungmin is a large man, Junhong is taller and has the element of surprise on his side; catching them off guard also aids in Jongup's efforts to restrain Yongguk.

"What the fuck! What are you two doing!" Sungmin is struggling, but can't manage to break free.

Himchan gets in his face. "They're with me now. I offered them a good deal while you two were gone." He motions to Junhong to push Sungmin on his knees. He proceeds to tie his wrists with the rope that had been on himself prior to it being removed an hour ago by his new recruit.

"Junhong, if you would be so kind as to lend me your gun."

The color drains from Sungmin's face. He can't believe how this spiraled out of control. Is he really going to die?

"Yes sir."

"Thank you. I appreciate the sir by the way. First time I've had any sign of respect since being here." Himchan cocks the gun with such seriousness that you can easily see that he truly believes this is necessary.

Tears slowly drip down Sungmin's face. Losing his life isn't the issue; it's the question of what will happen to his brother when he's gone. And it's the answer saying that Youngjae will probably be better off, that makes him understand Himchan’s decision.

He slowly walks behind him and puts the gun to the back of Sungmin's head, "Now time for the grand finale of your plan. This is what happens when you toy with people, karma comes back at you tenfold. And as much as you think I'm a villain. As much as you think I'm heartless. I'm not; It's only you. I care for several people, but not you Sungmin. You care only for yourself. Even so, it's still hard to pull this trigger; but Youngjae's sake, this needs to be done. I am what I am now. I'm not going back to a normal life. But he's still young and I pray that he'll leave."

Sungmin takes a deep breath. "Do me a favor. Please."

"One request and it had better be humble."

"Tell Youngjae I love him and that I'm sorry for everything."

"No can do. See that's the type of thing that will make him stay here. So you can die with that guilt because you don't deserve forgiveness. Not from him or me. You can ask for it when you're pleading your case to Saint Peter."

With that last word, Himchan pulls the trigger; ending Sungmin's life.

Himchan then makes his way over to a stunned and frightened Yongguk, who in the meantime had been tied up. "The physical act of killing someone; it's so easy. What's difficult is your conscience; but if you're justified in your actions, it's not so bad. And it's faster than you think. It's uneventful and that's what makes it so hard to accept. Because we all think a life is so important and unique. A person would expect that the ending of one would be more grandiose and suspenseful; but it's not. It's easily ended."

He cocks the gun once and puts it underneath Yongguk's chin and leans in to talk quietly in his ear, "I don't hate you. While you make me sick, I still have sliver of mercy for you. Because while you went along with it; you didn't have the twisted mind to come up with such a pathetic and self-serving plan." He returns to stand in front of him and drops his arm, removing the gun.

Yongguk breathes a small sigh of relief; but soon after has a bullet fly right by his head. His knees go weak and he falls forward onto them.

Himchan grabs his face, forcing Yongguk to look him in the eyes. "Im letting you live for one reason, make sure Youngjae leaves. If you let him stay here, if you tell him what his brother said, if you make me out to be the villain, then believe me, I will come back and finish what was started."

He hands the gun back to Junhong. "Let's get out of here." The three men walk out, stepping over the lifeless body lying in the middle of the room. As they walk down the hall to the exit Himchan yells, "Yongguk! Don't fucking test me! If he won't leave, then make him leave!"

As soon as the door slams Yongguk collapses, his heart pounding and his mind racing. He's at an utter loss for what he's supposed to do with with this entire situation.


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