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I had a binge episode this past week.

Binge shopping to be exact. As much as I want to regret the money spent, I can't bring myself to do so. Every once in awhile it's nice to treat yourself and although I find myself treating myself to nice things more often than usual, I've gotten to the point where I'm becoming extremely smart with my purchases. I take awhile to consider my purchase before investing and that's exactly what I did with these items below.
I definitely think each piece is extremely versatile and can compliment my wardrobe in more than one area. To see my purchases of the week, keep scrolling.

ASOS Oversized Minimal Jumpsuit

I've been eyeing this minimal oversized jumpsuit since the summertime and I could never bring myself to purchase it because of the hefty price that came along with it. Much to my surprise months later the jumpsuit is on sale and its all mine just in time for the spring.

Calvin Klein Jeans CK Jeans Reissue Tee

Before you get a panties in a bunch, I know this is a mens shirt. Because I'm a huge fan of mixing menswear with something feminine, I felt like this minimal logo tee would look great dressed up with some boyfriend jeans, a leather jacket and a nice pair of heeled boots depending on the occasion.

ASOS Denim Utility Jumpsuit In Vintage Wash With Patches

Now I sized down in this baby because well, baby. No, but seriously this amazing denim patchwork jumpsuit is giving me serious 70's vibes, but it happens to be maternity wear. It was way too good to pass up, so I sized down and got it anyway.

Brave Soul Double Breasted Checked Coat

This amazing wool coat was on sale and I couldn't pass up the amazing price, so I made it mine. Loving the monochromatic feel. It can easily be dressed up or down.

What new item have you purchased recently or plan on purchasing in the near future?

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That Checked Coat is AMAZING! I like the pairings you came up with too. I would so wear that
Yay!!! I'm glad you like them & yep, I ordered them all online @humairaa
Omg i love these outfits!!!! I want all of them in my wardrobe. Btw did u purchase them online??
That totally makes sense @jordanhamilton sometimes minimalist comes off cold I think... haha so like casually minimalist. haha
Thanks @nicolejb!!! I'm trying to be more minimalist while being more realistic at the same time lol if that makes sense. I really love the coat though
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