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We all know the basic pet names like 'babe,' 'honey,' 'cutie.' But have you ever had a partner that gave you a pretty rad pet name? Or what's a crazy pet name you've given your partner?
I have never been one to be into really cutesy nicknames in relationships, but me and my current partner gave each other the most ridiculous nicknames. His pet name is a mix between a veggie food product and how attractive I think he is.
Haha. ;)

What's the weirdest/funnies/WTF nickname you've given your partner? (or vice-versa)

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my mom used to call me sweetie petey
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my bf calls me "Siby" short for siberian husky. I have no idea why. do I look like a dog?
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I call my best friend nigga n she calls me woman!
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@alywoah lol I nicknamed my three daughters. My oldest is "Mousy". My middle "Bri" my youngest, she has a lot, "Coco bean. Puchie. Coco be tuna. Coco puff". 馃槉
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I used to call my last boyfriend 'Hat' because he was starting to bald and always wore a hat. We used to be the type of couple that always made fun of one another, so if he started talking shit, I'd be like Hey. Hat. Watch yourself.
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