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Ryan Reynolds Really Loves Deadpool

He might be a bigger fan than we are.

So Deadpool is set to make $90 million dollars this weekend (who is surprised?) and it's due in large part to the work and dedication of actor Ryan Reynolds. Well, that and fan passion. But the cool thing about Reynolds is that he's a fan too.

He took on the role of executive producer.

Not for more money though: To make sure that the movie was loyal to the character that the fans love.

Because he wanted to do us right.

And what's really amazing is that his passion came from other fans.

Deadpool found all of us, friend.

And I for one am pretty happy about it.
It's so great to see an actor love the character he plays this much. I'm going to see the movie next weekend but I already want them to make another one. For an actor to be this passionate about his character, a sequel is bound be just as successful if not more so. With that said I'm gonna watch this movie so hard next weekend lol
@shannonI5 I just got out of the theatre, and OMFG, was it amazing. Reynolds is beautiful as deadpool. Go. See. It.
I so can not picture anyone else playing Deadpool I'm so glad he did it
yes, it was good deadpool been my favorite marvel character for a while
It's great to know even Celebs are nerds like all of us
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