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I absolutely hated playing Duck Hunt as a kid. I was horrible and having that dog laugh at me left me with some weird anxiety about pixelated dogs so every time I see one, I get a little freaked out. And as I write this, part of me wishes that I was joking about this next anecdote but I used to have NIGHTMARES about being laughed at by a fake dog.
So when I say that I hated Duck Hunt, I really mean that. So, I was a little apprehensive when I saw that someone made a virtual reality version of the game. But after watching the video, my feelings started to change. It looked like something that I might enjoy playing. Okay, okay, fine. I'd totally enjoy it.
One of my issues with the game when I played it as a little baby, I felt like the light-gun controller we had in my house was always broken. Like it never worked, the calibration was off or the trigger was sticky because I insisted on playing the game after eating a bunch of waffles with my hands.
But it looks like the VR version of Duck Hunt alleviates all of those problems. The only thing that'll mess up your aim is yourself and that being said, I think I'd love playing the game because, well, I think I'm pretty good at aiming fake guns at fake animals and shooting them (especially after playing a bit of Far Cry 4).
Have any of you guys played Duck Hunt as a kid? And if this got released to the public, would you give it an honest go?
that is a very specific nightmare pal
Amazing! VR games are making lots of progress, but I wonder if it has a serious toll on your eyes.
I loved Duck Hunt as a kid and I'd love the check this out if I ever get the chance!
hahaha omg no duck hunt nightmares for me but I played a lot of arcade hunting games and... Oregon Trail counts too right? jk in all seriousness this would be a great way to blow some time