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Today me and my friend were talking about how Lucy's fairy tail mark was pink and of the ship NaLu but we were wondering what Natsu's color meant so we looked it up and everyone was saying it was for Erza.
My friend said "It's probably means that Natsu and Erza are meant to be together." And I got really mad because I love NaLu so I put some thought in it and came up with Natsu's Guild Mark is read to remind him of Igneel. Please tell me I wasn't the only one thinking about this.( Or the red is suppose to stand for flames)
I honestly never knew the symbols were colored, since I mostly read the manga and they're basically all just black in that
You're over thinking it. it's just a guild mark. all it does is show that you are a member of fairy tail.
wow now that i think about it you're right in my opinion and besides Erza's with Jellal
Yea your right @Rajayuu but I think the colors have some sort of meaning because master could have chosen to just do the marks one color. And this was just my opinion and o was thinking if anyone else was thinking this.