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Choose wisely, but you can only choose one.

Two days away and you're more than likely awaiting one of the two gifts from your beau, if not both.
Do you go for the roses or do you go for the chocolate ladies?
Fellas, which do you think a woman enjoys more?
Let the convo begin! [Cupid's Countdown]
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the best kind of chocolate! @nicolejb
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Always the best option! @MyAffairWith
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For my own opinion, both have different meaning. chocolate is just for happy mood which is temporary while flower signify pure love ( depend on the heart that give or receive). which last forever . I will always go for a flower because it is the symbol of love which bring love to a heart that has never loved and also give hope to a broken heart to believe and keep on searching.@ jordanhamilton
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@jordanhamilton never could go wrong with chocolate ^_^
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