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I picked up my new baby last night from Humane Society. This is Wookiee the Lionhead in her new cage. We've learned she's one of the sweetest and docile bunnies. I can hold her, cuddle her, carry her around. She was rescued from a hoarding situation where she was very neglected so for first time in her life she's finding she's really liking pets and baby talk. After some more quiet adjustment time into her new home she gets to meet her new friends and hopefully they all get along!
This is my Holland Lop Beau (named after my first famous person crush Beau Duke from Dukes of Hazard) He's been very lost and lonely since I had to put his bestest friend and pseudo mommy Rasca to sleep last week. My hope is Beau and Wookiee will bond and she will be his new cage mate BFF but bunnies can be picky.
R.I.P. Rasca This is my 10 yr old lil girl Rasca who we are pretty sure developed uterine or endometrial type cancer. I had to end her suffering last week. She was Beau's bestie and my baby I rescues at 2 from a really horrific situation. 80% of female bunnies who are not fixed can develop uterine cancer. The percentage is really that high so if you get a girl bunny PLEASE get her spayed by a vet trained in caring for rabbits (not all vets are) so she can live longer!!!
This is our Bunny Dog Zoey with my daughter she uses as a jungle gym. My lil 2lb spitfire Netherlands Dwarf who's as sweet as they come and loves doing happy bunny hops(binkys) whenever I ask if she's getting silly and tap her butt! She's so well potty trained in litter box that we don't even keep her in a cage. That's why we call her our Dog! I love having bunnies!!!!!
They are adorable,I hope the new bunny can make friends with Beau
@Yatosgirl and we ended up finding out that beau the brown floppy ear is actually deaf so that even more of a reason he needs a friend and why he was so bonded to rasca! 😒
@Yatosgirl Thank you!! Me too I'm going about it slow but they are now caged right next to each other to at least smell the other. Fingers crossed!!!!
@Sjeanyoon These are pics of all my babies!!!