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The 29 Days of Marvel are still going strong!!!

It's been only been 12 days so far and we're gonna have TWO HUNDRED CARDS for the event. That is so many!!!

Odds are you might have missed one or two.

And that's ok!!! Because I'm here to show you all the cool stuff your fellow Marvelers have been doing! Let's see what we've got:


@CreeTheOtaku wants to know why there hasn't been a Nightcrawler movie. (Seriously, what gives?)
@kuzuri96 can see Storm getting together with Luke Cage and I must say... I ship it.
And I've learned that if you need fic recs, you should ask @MarvelTrashCan ^_^


I made a collection for all of the 29 days cards, so check it out and make sure you didn't miss any of the other amazing stuff the community has been up to!!! ---> HERE
And if you're looking for something a little different, @ThePervySage has some cool cards about pre-code comics that will be of interest for sure ^_^

So much love to the Marvelers right now.

I see you all talking to each other and embracing how cool you are and I could not be prouder. Y'all know I love ya, and I'm so happy we can all hang out and be friends!!!!
One last note: Let's make sure we share everything in the best place! If you've got a 29 days card about the Deadpool movie, I'm sure the action movies community will love to read it! But try not to share it with the chocolate community... unless you brought enough candy to share with the class of course ;)
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Whoo hoo!!!
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Wow, 200+ is a Lot
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@kuzuri96 yeah I'm really amazed!!! Clearly we rock :)
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