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When I'm at work and completely bored of dull, dark days, I tend to think about Fallout. Like all the time. I'm constantly thinking about this game. So the other day, I decided to pick up Fallout Shelter, it's a mobile game where you really just try an manage a Vault in the middle of the wasteland. It takes some of the settlement features from Fallout 4 and implements them here but it isn't as robust. You can still assign people different jobs and stuff but other than that it's a really fun way to immerse yourself in the Fallout universe.
It's also really fun to see how your Vault Dwellers interact with each other. Sometimes, I just wait for them to speak just so I could get a good laugh. I don't know why I'm so into this type of game because I haven't been into any games like this before, but I'm really enjoying it. It's probably because I love the Fallout universe so much. Anyway, if you haven't tried it and you love the Fallout series like I do, then check it out! It's loads of fun and a great way to waste time at work!
@paulisadroid Radio Station and a lot of babies
it's pretty fun. I have 65 dwellers.
@paulisadroid be ready to farm water and food
I don't think I can make a radio station just yet
@Shadowrider32 I've only got one couple to have a little babby. But I gotta keep trying. And i don
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