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(A/N) I decided to put the type of genre that my fics/Imagines Are.

Genre; Fluff

This is dedicated to @Jiyongixoxo “Are you in love with anyone?” They asked as they shifted from foot to foot. Their eyes, looking anywhere but me. Their breathing was ragged as they hoped for a different response. I took in a deep breath as I looked down thinking that maybe I should lie... That however, will never resolve in anything. Well, It's now or never, “Yes, I am in love with someone.” Their ears perked up and they finally looked at me dead in the eye. Their gazes, made me shuffle around in my own seat and I decided to just focus down on my new converse shoes. “Look at us” they both said. I stopped moving suddenly and looked up at them. They would glance at each other and then focus on me. Their movements seemed to be in sync as if they've rehearsed a million times before. “Does he make you happy?” she asked. I smiled as I remembered how he would always make sure that there was a smile on my face and that I would laugh at least 3 hours out of the day. Then there were those times when I would have bad days and I would go to sleep mad, He would call at midnight just to tell me he loves me. I thought of all the times when he would do weird things, and those times we trashed grocery stores, yet we somehow still got away with those. I nodded my head. As if on cue, they both looked at each other. “When will we get to meet him?” He asked. My body tensed up as I thought of all the outcomes of them meeting- they might not like him.. Or they might compare him to an ex of mine… Or they might embarass the goodness in me.. Or they- “Stop thinking the ‘they might do this or that’ we're your parents for God's sake. We know how that little brain of yours works.” My mother pointed her skinny index finger at me. I smiled innocently and I felt my cramy body start to relax. My father crossed his arms, in trying to get the tension back in check. “You won't get to meet him today because he's at wor-” Ding Dong! The doorbell rang and I abruptly got off my seat and ran towards the door. All it took was 3 seconds and a trip over nothing. I opened the door and saw the person I was hoping wouldn't show up- Jiyong. My eyes widened as he smiled. I slammed the door and backed up against the wood of the door. “Who was that?” my mother's voice rang out from the kitchen. I removed my back from the wood and peeped through the peephole. Jiyong was standing there rubbing his head, looking around the door as if trying to look for something. He smiled suddenly, and I heard the ruffling of keys and in an instant, the door was opened. However because of the force he put into it, the door made contact with my face. I didn't know things could be this blurry- I shook my head as the ringing came to a halt. Jiyong's face came into view and I smiled up at him. He had a guilty smile plastered on his face. He looked anywhere but not at my eyes. I looked behind him, where another face in the background came to view. My mother's face showed that she was worried, but she was trying not to laugh as well. I smiled slightly as I looked at my father who still had his arms crossed in trying to keep his strict posture. “Jagiya?” I heard. My father tensed at the nickname and my mother stopped smiling as she too, crossed her arms. I gulped and focused my attention to Jiyong's face in front of me. “Yes?” I mumbled. He suddenly engulfed me in a bone crushing hug. He kept mumbling I‘m sorry’ as he kissed all around my face. From my forehead down to my lips and chin. I opened my mouth to say something but was cut off From someone clearing their throat. Jiyong stopped moving and he stood up straight, turning to look at my parents. He bowed at them as they studied Jiyongs every move. This is going to be a long day.
My writers block is slowly disappearing and I'm so happy cause I can finally make these requests! By the way, if you want an imagine/scenario then let me know! I'd really appreciate it if you would tell me Or give me some sort of scenario or example that you would like me to do. For example; "One where the girl and guy are fighting and then they make up." You can make it a bit more detailed but overall that's the general idea. I decided to make this into two different parts cause I'm cool like that. ^~^ Kidding. Anyways, I'm still a bit down but not as much as before. Those of you that showed that you cared, Thank you so much! Those of you that did the stories, and those of you that are still doing them,


They literally made me smile/ laugh! ❤
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this is a vy cute beginning! could u tag me pls? it might be fun to see all the lovey dovey things JiYong does but then rub the parents the wrong way... hahahaha
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😝 It's so cute 😍
love it tag please
Please tag me in your future fanfics!!! @MichelleIbarra 💕