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With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I started thinking about all of the romantic relationships I experienced in my gaming career. And boy there have been so many I've lost count. Especially in the games that let you romance other characters, the options are endless in terms of video game couples.
That being said, I wanted to stick to couples that didn't include multiple options or the player being able to customize one of the characters in the game. So there aren't any Mass Effect or Dragon Age couples on this list. But if you could think of couples that exist in those worlds that don't include Shepard or The Warden or Hawke or The Inquisitor then feel free to let me know in the comments!
Anyway, let's get started! [also minor spoilers for each of the games].

John Marston & Bonnie McFarlane

This first couple I picked is kind of weird because they aren't really a couple at all. They aren't dating or even mentioned as a couple but their connection was one that's undeniable to anyone who's played Red Dead Redemption. It becomes obvious towards the end of the game that Bonnie had feelings for John throughout the game and it's one of the more heartbreaking moments in that game. I really do think they would've made a perfect couple of though. Especially since we (the players) got to spend more time with Bonnie then we did John's actual wife, Abigail.

Nathan Drake & Elena Fisher

Drake and Elena is more of an obvious choice. But there's something about them that I really, really love. Even though their relationship is antagonistic at times, it's easy to tell where Drake and Elena's heart lies. Especially in the scene from Uncharted 3 (the screenshot above), it's one of the more vulnerable moments in the series and we get to see our train-hopping, smooth-talking protagonist find a moment of solace with the only person who really understands him.
And speaking of Naughty Dog games...

Tess & Joel

Tess and Joel from The Last of Us are probably my favorite couple in games thus far. Joel is the more submissive one and kind of just does Tess's bidding. We don't really get to see their relationship flourish in front of us but it's definitely hinted at right before Tess sacrifices herself so Joel and Ellie can get away after finding out the Fireflies have been ambushed. It's a weird relationship that I wish was explored more but I'm still glad they defined the relationship with subtlety. Anything more and it might have felt heavy handed.
Any video game couples you absolutely love? Let me know in the comments!
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Zelda and Link?
💗They're bae, but I'm also in love with Link x Saria. 💘@Animaniafreak Ocarina of Time 😢 I was so in love.
yugi muto and rebecca hawkins in yugi-oh
Sora and Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. ♡
Isaac and Ellie from the Dead Space series