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Yoo In Na is also one of my favorite actresses.

I think she is really cute, pretty and smart.

I especially fell for her role in Secret Garden.

Even though I'm rooting for Jeon Ji Hyun in My Love From Another Star, I still like Yoo In Na. :-)

I also enjoyed her lovely, bright role in Queen In Hyun's Man.

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She is super cute and pretty. .but I don't think I've ever seen her get the man! :-D
@JamiMilsap You have to watch Queen In Hyun's Man then. She got the man. Lol!
one of favorite actor!
I really like her too. Though I wish I knew of her back in 2014. I went to kcon 2014 and she was there but I did nt know who she was at the time. it was only until a few weeks after did I realize... ><
OMG TOTALLY forgot she was in secret garden!!!