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Game by:@KhrystinaLee Original Card: I know I'm late on this but internet was slow on my phone. Lets start with my results! LEGGO!
Where are we going YoungJae? :o
You can do that all day and everyday if you want Jackson ;)
*gasps* Yugyeom, I did not expect this from you even though your my 3rd bias
Aww BamBam I see you! Your too adorable, I wanna squish you.
JB even though your my second bias I cannot do this! Someone gonna get angry with you for stealing meh! hint Jackson!
How about NONE! I'm all for Jackson! Stop tempting me Mark
It would be cool if GOT7 has a concept dressing up like that!!
@bubblekookie omg i would die if they did 😂😭😱😍
I hope also that all of the situations would be there too. I would totally flipped out!!!
@bubblekookie I would die even more