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Hey My Nakama!

Specifically, my silent Nakama! I know that all those of us who dare to love anime and manga and all things good generally share a common attribute in shyness. certainly not everyone, to be sure, but a lot of us otaku or even lesser levels of fan can identify with intense shyness. Especially with people. Especially IRL.
I bring this up because I've seen in the community lately that there are way more 'likes' than there are 'comments' and while likes are awesome, what's always been my favorite part of Vingle is talking to people about the anime we love.
So I just wanted to shout out in support of all you lovely shy likers in the community, and encourage you not to be afraid or too shy to comment your thoughts!

This is a place to discuss and share and find new anime to love!

This is a place to meet new people and form the bonds of Nakama!

Most everyone is friendly and won't bite! Unless it's weird head noms.

So hang out, discuss, talk, have a spot of tea! We're always down to talk about stuff. Me and the rest of the mod team @hikaymm @voidx @tbell2 @tylerdurso @danse and not to mention a whole smattering of nakama in the community.

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Panzer was the green one with all the guns. That one is my fav too! Jäger was the speedy blue one and Schneider was the blade one
AAAAAAAHHHHH it's Mizore god I love that girl, she is to cute for words x3
@JonathanSteeves ahhhh thats its! thank you for clearing that up lol it was such a tank. the blade one was great too!
one week friends I love that anime
I liked Schneider the most,lol.