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Sometimes staying in so much easier than going out.

Ditch the reservations and make reservations for a night in with your favorite person. Mind you, staying in for a nice evening doesn't have to be with a significant other. Friends always come in handy as well.
If you live on the east coast like myself than you know just how cold it's going to be this weekend. Almost makes you not even want to go out and celebrate the occasion. That's when you opt for date night indoors in the comfort of your own humble abode. Not sure what steps to take for a evening to remember? Keep scrolling to see how you can have a romantic date night indoors.

How would you spend a romantic evening in?

YES! NO PHONES is a big one. It's hard for me to part from my phone sometimes, but when you're with someone you care about I think it should be an after thought. this sounds extremely perfect @EasternShell and no worries, I'm single too! We have a right to dream :)
Homemade country fixins dinner, candlelight, soft music, couch snuggling. I guess that's pretty basic. Oh, no phones. I like relaxing to music, his head on a pillow on my lap and we talk or don't while I massage his head. Ah, but what do I know? I'm currently single:)