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So I did the two truths and a lie challenge, I got lots of varied answers as to what people thought was a lie. And all of these except the lie have been talked about at some point in my cards. So they weren't tooooo impossible lol

1: My family calls me the "ray of sunshine."

* drumroll * True. I'm Bulletproof J-Hope for a dang reason people > _ < he's my bias because we're very much alike in that aspect of cheering people up and giving hope!

2: People were afraid of me in high school.

True. Unfortunately I had a way about me that made people feel intimidated and think I was out to start fights (this is gif pretty much how they saw me haha), when I'm actually super chill and only get mad if people outright try to piss me off. I blame resting bitch face.

3: I love cats.

*beep beep* Lie detected! Like several mentioned, this one was super normal and not very specific making it seem like a lie. It was. I don't "hate" cats buuuut...I strongly dislike them. I'm allergic to them and 90% of the time if they're cuddling you it's because they want body heat. They also ruin stuff just for fun and it's seriously hard to make them stop. I prefer dogs.

So to everyone who said 3 was the lie, excellent deduction skills! To people who chose 2, thanks for thinking I'm a nice person, in a way I guess haha. And to those who picked 1...
Why?! I'm sorry if I was mean or something! Is it the rants? I feel like it may be the rants. Anyway, whatever the reason, I'm okay. I'll be strong and I'll carry on. I'll try to be an even brighter ray of sunshine for everyone! Promise I'm not hurt or anything. Honestly it was kind of funny. But still >_< I bring hope! Thanks for participating ^_^
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I KNEW IT WAS THE CATS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you're a ray of sunshine, don't even worry about it XD
@MichelleIbarra lol its okay! like I said I found it kinda funny
I chose number one... I'm sorry T.T
@MandyNoona It's cause you know me so well XD
Yay I guessed right ^^
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