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The biggest question I've gotten lately from friends and family is, "What are your plans for Valentines Day?" Well the truth is, I have NO PLAN yet. But I'm trying to get more inspiration from others, and see what they are doing. I've got a couple ideas, but I'll figure something out!
@humairaa did an amazing card on her plans for the big day, and it's fabulous. If you haven't see it yet, it's <<HERE>>

Going out with your bae on the big day? What activity did you come up with?

Single and watching 30 Rock at home again? Tell me about it. No really, tell me all about it.

Hanging with your friends and having a girls/bros day? What are you doing?

I challenge the Love & Relationship Community to share pictures, thoughts, and plan for their Valentines day in the Community in a Card!

So we can all see the creative things that happened on the biggest day of love of the year!
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staying home, hating life, sleeping, watching YouTube and movies.
2 years ago·Reply
sleeping in...staying home... pizza... netflix...(~:
2 years ago·Reply
oh well maybe you got to spend that day with your mom @TerrecaRiley
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb I really wanted to but I couldn't this year.she had fun though
2 years ago·Reply
awww ok @TerrecaRiley well I'm glad to hear that:)
2 years ago·Reply