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One of my biggest guilty pleasures is going back to The Sims 2 on my old, dusty laptop and playing a little of it bit by bit. It's one of those games that lets me focus on something other than my boring/terrible life. And one of the thoughts I have while I'm playing the game is how it would look in real life.
You never really know what The Sims are talking about while they're conversing with each other. You only get to see thought bubbles and pluses or minuses depending on how the other Sim is reacting to your topics of conversation. So, when I came across Insert Coin's short comedy vid of what a Sims Dinner Party might sound like, I nearly lost it.
At first, it seems like a regular dinner party among friends. But if you pay close attention to the things they'r saying, they're referencing all the little pictures that show up in the thought bubbles or different things that can only happen in the Sims. When one of the women say it's fun to "stare at lava lamps", I almost died.
But, the winner of the video is the conversation about the pool and being terrified that the ladder had disappeared. As one of the cruelest forms of torture, Sims players everywhere can relate to taking the ladder out of a pool just to see a Sim swim around until they died. It's really messed up but the way they talk about it makes it hilarious and almost ridiculous that Sims can't get out of the pool without a ladder being available to them.
I'm tagging my Video Game homies, I'm sure some of you will enjoy this vid as much as I did.
I haven't played Sims since, like the first one. But I've seen some funny videos of glitches and such. This is hilarious! I love the switch in the conversation from scary clowns to lava lamps. Lol.
Oh my gosh this reminded me of the sad clown. man I love this game
Otherwise Jacob won't let me back through the gate
my reputation demands that I remain virtuous.
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