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Once she starts, she can't stop.
Oh, you thought Kylie Jenner was done being innovative in the world of beauty? Well, you were wrong. If you're a Kylie fan or you just happen to enjoy dabbling in beautiful nail polishes than you're in store for a treat. SinfulColors nail polish and Kylie have teamed up to create a collection called King Kylie SinfulShine.
The collaboration consists of a three part limited edition collection that will be available in March. The first part of the collection contains a total of twenty polishes including a top coat all retailing for $3. I mean it doesn't get much better than that. It's one dollar more than your typical SinfulColors polish, but I mean it's Kylie -- what do you expect?

Will you be investing in this collaboration?

I'm hoping so!! We shall see @humairaa
馃槴馃槴馃槴 @MyAffairWith
It's kylie so i'm sure the nail polishes will be great!
Since these polishes are usually pretty cheap, I actually appreciate the collab. I remember when the Kardashians did a nail line with Nicole by OPI, not my favorite series of colors :/ But these look fun. It looks like thy're going to follow that gel nail trend. Def going to give a couple a try!
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