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FEB 09, 2016 | 00:34 AM EST [Source: KpopStarz]
As the Lunar New Year celebrations have begun, SM Entertainment will ring in the year with their new group. With three teasers only released in the last couple of weeks, according to Netizen Buzz, SM Entertainment plans to begin promoting their new "unlimited member" boy group, Neo Culture Technology (or NCT for short), after the Lunar New Year holiday. [SM_NCT #1. The origin]
Labeled as an international group consisting of Korean and non-Korean members, Lee Soo Man produced the group in a three part system. In a report released by MWave, SM Entertainment aims to bring the Hallyu wave a level up by enterting NCT into international markets, then collaborating with their local companies to attract international artists to work with the K-Pop market then eventually having K-pop artists work with them.  [SM_NCT #2. Synchronization of your dreams]
According to Lee Soo Man from his presentationSMTOWN: New Culture Technology, 2016, "Beginning from the first unit in spring, a team centered in Seoul and Japan will be revealed within the first-half of this year. In the second-half of this year, teams centered in the Chinese region will be revealed, starting from Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities."  Though the plan may sound confusing, one can only see how it plays once promotions of the groups have begun. However, the anticipation for a new idol group from SM Entertainment is sure growing. [SM_NCT #3. 7th Sense]
[SMTOWN: New Culture Technology, 2016]
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