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Kristen Wiig is pretty damn funny.
I love her dry brand of humor. Her timing, clever statements and facial expressions make her one of my favorites to see.
Yesterday, Wiig went on the Jimmy Fallon show and delivered a hilarious impersonation of Peyton Manning.
Fallon interviews Manning without skipping a beat.
The dynamic duo share stories of the game while meshing in their unique blend of humor. The only thing missing was the Budweiser promo that the real Manning delivered in the game, but this was still cool nonetheless.
I can't wait to see her next appearance on the show, what about you?
I liked the other Kristen wiigs interviews but I didn't really find this too funny imo it did have its moments though like the quick questions. also this isnt dry humor by any means.
I like how it's really obvious that Kristen Wiig has no idea how football is played lol.