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I know what I want
Your lips on mine
My hand on your chest
It would be just fine
Wrapped in your arms
Our legs intertwined
Lovers' hearts thumping
We're two of a kind
Whisper you want me
And I'll do the same
Show me you care
Our love's not a game
These are my feelings
I'd never fake it
Exposure is risky
I'm open and naked
lips created to www.lanece.com.au
You're words have encouraged me to share some more. Thanks:) I appreciate the feedback.
@easternshell no problem it was a really nice and sexy poem. id use it to get any girl I think is worthy of hearing sweet words of this caliber :)
LOL. I'm a woman, so some of me had to go into this. It took several days to think it through. Thanks for the comment:) Plz, tag someone you think might be into it.
this the type of poem to get a woman thinking and flowing heavy lol