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My pick this is week is the beautiful

Park Bo Young!!

She's only 26 but has a ton of work under her belt. She's starred in more movies than dramas but she captured my heart with her amazing performances!!!
The first movie I saw her in was Young Hot Bloods alongside Lee Jong Suk. The movie was awesome and so were they. Did I mention she's ridiculously petite and cute??!! I want to carry her around in my pocket!! Look at how little she is next to Jong Suk, and that's WITH heels!!!
She also starred in Werewolf Boy alongside Song Joon Ki and this movie blew me away!!! It's a must watch for anyone who hasn't seen it!!
I most recently had the pleasure of watching her in Oh My Ghostess. This drama was AMAZING and her acting was soooo good!!!! She basically played 2 different people and made it look so easy and real!!!
She makes the perfect girl next door. She looks so approachable and friendly!! I can't wait for her new projects and really hope she picks up more dramas.
omg, I love Park Bo Young! And loved the song she sang in Werewolf Boy! I think I fell for her after that!
She is adorable! I still need to watch Werewolf Boy, it's been on my list for a while!!
She's beautiful!