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Good news everyone: Valentines Day is around the corner!
Whether you are old or young, the power of love easily identifiable on this special day. In honor of the special day, Jimmy Kimmel decided to link with kids to ask them what Valentine's day meant to them.
“Love is when you love somebody,” is the easy answer one smartypants gave when asked to explain the feeling. Another kid was right on the money when she called love “gross,” because people in love do all that “gross kissing.”
A lot of these answers, were funny and authentic, which is the case with kids on most occasions.
For looking for the true meaning of Valentine's day (and a good chuckle,) catch the video above!
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Fallon is so good with kids, this is stinking adorable!
2 years ago·Reply
best line though: Chicken Tinder!
2 years ago·Reply
Pikachu shirt kid was the best. He was half answering the questions and half being like "Dudes, get off my back!"
2 years ago·Reply