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Hey guys , I'm posting this to make my day better , there was a double shooting at my school and sadly I lost two friends 😭 hopefully these memes make others day. DISCLAIMER:These memes aren't mine ! Credit to rightful owners !
I hope yoh feel better after the shooting. I am sorryfor your loss. I hope that kpop will cheer your inside up and clear your mind. I hope that you feel safe and happy with your family and friends.
I'm sorry for what happened at your school >.< thank you for taking the time to post these, I hope for the best for you and those at your school :3
Oh my gosh that's horrible what happened. Make sure to take extra care of yourself.
I am very sorry about your loss! I hope you and all the people you know stays safe! And never forget..... KPOP SQUAD HERE GOT U COVERED! FANDOMS UNITE AND ATTACK!
*loads gun* imma kill that jerk that killed your friends!! ITS TIME!! WHO IS THAT PERSON WHERE DOES HE LIVE WHAT DOES HE LOOK LIKE!?!? seriously... im not kidding.... i hate when shootings also so sorry for your loss im glad that you are safe. im not glad that your friends werent. I will track this person down i will make him learn his lesson.
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