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I only recently started listening to Pinegrove thanks to a recommendation from an old friend and ever since then, their album Everything So Far became my go to for my "in-transit" playlist. So, I never really listened to them in the proper way (you know, glass of wine, giant headphones). But when I saw their Little Elephant session, I freaked out.
It's like I didn't know -- even though I did -- that they were so raw and energetic. I relistened to their song Need 2 at a time I needed it the most. I've been feeling kind of weird (negative) in my personal and professional life and didn't really have the right words to explain myself. But as I listened to this song over and over and over again, I stopped feeling so alone.
Pinegrove doesn't answer the question they pose in their song. They just state that it exists and that's, honestly, enough for me. I've definitely been in the same head space as the lyrics in the song so I left them all here for you just in case you feel the same.

Notable Lyrics:

I'm out there's nothing here to care about. What's that sound? What's that song about? It's nothing worth me sayin' aloud. So then why do I seem to need to? Why do I seem to need to?
[NOTE: The Little Elephant intro song below is a little jarring, so skip ahead to about 16 seconds for the actual song]
New music 4 me. I could listen to the instrumental and get lost. I just clipped your card. Awesome.
I'm absolutely in love and must have more... 💜 ugh. You always do this to me!