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last one of this challenge folks! :(
The Interview/Song/MV/Etc that made me fall for my bias, Minhyuk.
Well I knew the answer to this one a LLLLOOONNNGGG time ago! Back when I started this... :) There are a few MV/teasers in which Minhyuk caught my eye, so I'm putting them all!
except for the teaser...I can't get the teaser clip outside of just linking it cuz I can't find it on youtube, but I can add the MV at least.
This is the first one, the prison break vsn of Trespass. I don't think Minhyuk is taking this whole thing very seriously...he appears to be having wwaaayyy too much fun!
And then there is 'Amen'. They are all so so adorable in this, but it was the teaser for Minhyuk that really cemented him as my bias.
Link to the teaser is here, cuz I can't find it anywhere else!!
So...the end...no more Monsta X challenge. doesn't mean there aren't more Monsta X cards in the future tho!
tagging the usuals! If you want to be added or removed, let me know!
Omg i love these!,!! 😍😍
@bubblekookie right now it's a tossup between Hero and Amen
What is your favorite song from Monsta X? I hope you can do more of Monsta X.