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Wolverine Rubber duck: *Shakes head and looks up at Wolverine* "Dude....you're just taking a bath. Stop screaming. You want the cops over here again?"
Black Widows butt. That is all.
Wolverine: "W-wait! What are you doing!?!? I don't consent!! Don't come any closer, bub!!!"
"...and I'll name this one, Mary Sue."
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The only way he bathes is he's doing it hardcore lol why do you think Spidey and Deadpool always comments on his smell xD
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@MichaelOgg hardcore bathing, hardcore eating, hardcore sleeping, hardcore parkour...
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@shannonl5 love how you just "Toshed" that out there 馃槢
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@MajahnNelson XD XD XD
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He finds that scaring the dirt and grime away makes him cleaner
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