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So if you miss yesterday's Day the link is right here. This is Day 2 results. Let's see where you will be spending you day with your Valentine

Image #1 is......Romantic Evening At A Beach

You will spend your date sitting on the beach enjoying a picnic that has all of your favorite foods. You also spend time staring at the waves and cuddling. Your evening ends with a kiss beside the beautiful sunset

Image #2 is.......Stay-At-Home Bed N' Breakfast

He surprises you with an breakfast when you wake up...You sit up as he crawls back into bed with you. He feeds you while smiling and you can't help but smile back how cute he looks right now. You kiss him quickly before he feeds you again.

IMAGE #3........Hot Air Balloon Ride With Picnic

You are nervous but willing when he removes his hand and you see hot air balloon. He picks up and carries you into the hot air balloon and the balloon starts flying off the ground. After a while he tells you that he has another surprise for you and he lands the balloon. You see the picnic and before you can tell him anything he kisses you and you forget everything you was about to say.

IMAGE #4..........Fun Night At Carnival

You scream in happiness when he shows you the tickets. He smiles at your excitement and y'all leave to go to the carnival. When y'all arrive at the Carnival you are excited and go everywhere. You ride all the rides but the last ride y'all both ride is a Ferris Wheel. As soon as you reach the top he surprises you with a kiss and you return it happily.

IMAGE #5.........Karaoke Night

You're confused when he stops in front of an karaoke club. Yall both walk in and order drinks and he tells you he wants to sing, he goes up the stage and dedicates a song to you. You smile at him when he sings to you when he is finished, you can't help but run up the stage and kiss him. Before you walk down, however, another song plays and he starts singing and he passes you the microphone and before you even realize it you're singing too and you both smile at each other as you sing the night away.

I Hope You Enjoyed Your Date!! They All Seemed Pretty Good To Me!Are You Happy With Your Choice??

Day 3 Will Be Up Soon!

taeyang would lol
Romantic date with Daesung? Perfect 馃槏鉂も潳
Oooooo I am liking this date!
Oh shiiiiittt!!! When I reach the top with TOP. Yesssss!
T.O.P and I went to a carnival, and I got a kiss <3 Happy
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