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Everyday tons of food goes waste as Supermarkets throw out food at the end of the night.
Finally, someone stepped up and decided to put this food to use, as France is now the first country in the world that requires all large supermarkets — by law — to donate unsold food to charities and food banks.
Previously, many French supermarkets disposed of their food waste in storage bins. Then at night, people in need (families, students, unemployed, and homeless) scavenged through the bins.
Finally, someone in a position of power stepped up and decided to help those in need. The law, passed earlier this month, will provide millions of meals every year.
This could play a huge role in battling world hunger. Shouldn't more countries follow up with this law as well?
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It's about time!!!! It shouldn't have taken this long, ugh!! You know, some grocery stores spray their unsold food with poison so the homeless can't eat it. I mean, really?!