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I get this all the time. I write cards about sexual assault, rape culture, how women are afraid to do simple things such as walk home alone or wear short skirts and a "not all men" comment always appears. And it's ok!! I love the conversation, I love the thirst for opinions and knowledge but I think it's time I settle this now. #NotAllMen needs to fucking stop.
When you say "not all men" you are, in essence, telling women that because not every single man out there will rape, her story should not be shouted from the rooftops. When you say not all men you think that we women are accusing ALL MEN of being predators. Do you not think we deserve more credit then that? When you say "not all men" you are choosing to bring a very important and serious issue to the focal point of people who ARE NOT INVOLVED in the issue. When we talk about rape, when we talk about assault, when we talk about cat calling we are not talking about the men who do not do it! When you say "not all men" I want to scream. Because yes, we all know that you might not be one of the violent, aggressive, hatful men that stalk and harm women for sport; but I will NOT give you praise for being a decent human being.
Answer me this, when a man says that he was attacked, raped, assaulted, do you ever EVER hear someone say; "Well not all women?"
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@ThePervySage i do understand that for some reason mean seem to think that all women think that way about men but we KNOW there are amazing men out there who we are safe with!! its very clear in male women friendships and male women love. so while some of these "good men" feel like they have to say something like "that isn't me I'm not like them", during conversations about sexual assault and what nt it takes away from the conversation because we already KNOW that and putting the emphasis on the fact that not all men do that takes so much away to the fact that ALOT still do.
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I have an #Awesome daughter, 21 years old. And too many people are in a rush to give guys too much credit, more than they deserve in general. Bottom line, most men and I mean most men, are dirt bags. it's that Y chromosome thing. End of story. And here's the truth....HURT MY DAUGHTER AND I CAN MAKE YOUR DEATH LOOK LIKE AN ACCIDENT.
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@DJamesBreaux who would hurt your daughter lol.
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@LizArnone I'm not disagreeing with you. I think most guys should just keep their traps shut, stay out of it, and go live their lives. Because like what @DJamesBreaux, a lot of men are dirt bags. A girl just asked me what should she do about her teacher who's flirting with her. A pastor in the town next to me was arrested for his "parties" with his underage parishioners. One of the realities of life, that ain't ever going to change, is that men will sink to some low places for sex. But with news being everywhere now, and social media, and women having platforms now that were not available in the past to share their stories and experiences, it's something men haven't had to deal with before. I know where they're coming from, because being a black guy in this country, you have to do a whole lot of saying it's not every body who does this, this or that, when the majority of what is being portray about you is negative. The only difference is that in this situation is that it's not negative, and men need to understand that women have a whole different set of experiences in life that, that they will never have.
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I do understand how you feel but, in essence, a lot of people have a tendency to put all of us in one boat. the term. not all men does have some meaning. but I also do believe that it gets generic and redundant at a time. So it does need to stop.
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