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Towards the end of the meal, Namjoon asks in English what the plans are for the rest of the night. Jiminie brings up the scheduled V App recording and they start discussing what they want to do for their fans.
“Where can we not be seen?” you ask. 7 pair of eyes turn to you, “Unseen? Why would you hide?” You give them an exasperated laugh with a raised eyebrow, “Do you know how much hate mail I would receive if I showed up on a V App with you guys? You want my blog to get you publicity but I can do without death threats thank you very much.”
“Dorm isn’t big enough to be unseen unless you stay in a bedroom the whole time; but…” Namjoon rapidly rattles something off in Korean to which 4 different guys get up and head to the bedrooms. Hooded jackets and dust masks appear with large grins from the bearers delivering them. Taehyung hands you the jacket he had on the night before last and Namjoon the dust mask he wore last night. You aren’t small as most Asians, thankfully Tae wears his hoodies a little large. Jimin and Ken don the other jackets and face masks as well. Dinner is cleaned up and all gather in the living room to start on schedule.
After their normal greeting to the fans they announce about having guests and that one has been here for the last 10 days following them around for a Korean Adventure Blog series. Jiminie turns the camera towards you. Daggers shoot from your eyes out at him but he just smiles. JHope runs over to be next to you as they ask for aegyo. You do aegyo from one of their videos with both hands under your chin, fingers wiggling. With Hobi next to you, you’re pretty sure most weren’t paying much attention to you.
Everything went great, the guys kept all of you off camera until fans started asking about the ‘guests’ and wanted to see the idols interact with them. Being American it was difficult to disguise you as anything but female, even with the jacket on. One fan asked whether you knew any BTS dances. Ken laughed and shook his head no, you and Jimin look at each other, do you want to reveal to the world just how big of Army fangirls you are? Namjoon and Taehyung don’t even know. You both turn and nod. Immediately another fan wants to see it. Even though you aren’t idols, you are with them and fan service is huge. After a short whisper and then a whisper with Rap Monster, you proceed to lie down on the floor. All the guys start to laugh. “Cheating,” they sing out, to which you two ignore. Oddly enough, Jimin’s bias is JHope and you know V’s part; therefore, it was quite comfy laying face down on the floor with Jimin on top of you. They start the music and you just lay there, smiling behind your masks. Jin speeds up the recording to the chorus while Jiminie hands the camera off to Ken and hops in the front to help start the ‘I need u’ chorus. You aren’t a perfect dancer and have never practiced with Jimin but the guys give you loud cheers and clapping. One of the fans responded with, “Any others songs?” You and Jimin bow your heads, and after another whisper she goes over to Rap Monster for ‘Boy in Luv’. You didn’t think their dorm was that big but suddenly there are 7 members up with you and Jimin. After the first jump you’re glad that their dorm is on the ground floor so there wouldn’t be any complaints. They only play the song to the middle, the guys more than the fans wanting to see how much of the dance you really know. When it’s over they all start laughing, whistling, and giving you and Jimin high fives. Gathering around the two of you, they say their goodnights to their fans and command all of you to do an aegyo goodbye.
As soon as the camera disappears the jackets and masks come off, so freaking hot in there with dancing and multiple bodies in a small space. Tae shows up in front of you and helps to take off your dust mask while you shrug out of his jacket.
“You are me very well,” he laughs, “you taking place? They call you if I sick?”
You tilt your head with a small shake, “Not physically or vocally possible, no one can replace that voice, it’s already illegal.”
He tilts his head to look at you, “Illegal?” You close your eyes, you have such a big mouth. Some secrets still need to be kept. You flutter your eyelashes, pat his cheek then turn and walk away. Kookie walks into the room with a fan and turns it on toward all the sweaty bodies. Ahh, heaven.
Jimin and Ken begin saying their good nights and that they will be back to get you a couple of hours before your flight in the morning. Members disperse in different directions as you sneak into the bathroom. When you come back out there is a small TV on the floor, pillows and blankets scattered around it. Okay, well this is awkward, you figured you would just be crashing on the couch.
As you try to step around and over various bodies a hand reaches up and pulls you down.
“I think they want to make sure we have chaperones,” Namjoon whispers with a smile.
The next tug is slightly harder than he realizes and throws you off balance. You start to fall forward as Taehyung grabs you from behind before you can face plant in someone’s lap. Well, that would have been embarrassing, especially since the one you would have fallen on was Suga. His response to the whole thing is a slightly raised head and a raised eyebrow. However, as awkward as that would have been, what you realize now is that you are sitting in Taehyung’s lap. You turn your head to thank him and his only response is to tighten his arms around you. Namjoon looks over your shoulder at him so he sighs, squeezes you once more and sits you between he and Namjoon; “Fine, I share.”
That gets a few looks from those sitting and laying around but all are smart and say nothing while you are there. You can just imagine the teasing and crap that was going to be given to Namjoon and Taehyung when you left tomorrow. For now it’s nice, it’s comfortable, and somewhere before the movie ends you fall asleep.
Damn a sleepover with BTS! *sigh* If only dreams came true😈hehe!
it's nearly the end.. I don't know how the other boys really feel about me. wish we would have talked more
Wow. Tae just saved her life. Falling on Suga would have been the death of her. LOL. 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜