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A Wild Ride (Mature 18+)

Yoongi x Reader Smut just pure smut This isn't even a story we just get right into it
~*~ You gasped and leaned up against the cool steel wall, steadying yourself as the train picked up speed. Yoongi pulled himself closer to you, his bulge digging into your back. You shook your head urgently as his thumb crept into the waistband of your skirt. You grabbed his hand and tried to push it away, to no avail. His lips grazed your ear, setting it ablaze, and you could feel the smile on his face. Cmon Jagiyaaaaa, he whined seductively, shooting electricity up your spine, its been so long since Ive seen you. Didnt you miss me? His hand overpowered yours and slipped through, lightly tracing the lace design on your underwear. You inhaled sharply and he chuckled contently. I think you did, he murmured, shoving his hand further down between your legs, a lone finger encircling the wetness his presence had caused. You swallowed harshly and elbowed him angrily. Of course I missed you, you hissed, flinching against his touch. His group had just come back from a months long overseas tour. After fleeting phone calls and steamy text messages being your only form of contact, you were of course eager to fulfill your promises to him. But not here, on a busy train headed away from Seoul Station where moments ago youd gleefully picked him up. Hed never been an exhibitionist, even PDA was usually too much for him. Absence, however, made the heart grow fonder. And a man bolder, apparently. Please Yoongi, cant you just wait until we get home? you pleaded. The subway lights flickered as if embarrassed of your actions. He groaned softly and pressed down harder, stroking you through the thin fabric. Not when you beg like that, I cant. You stifled a moan as your thighs squeezed together, trapping his hand within. Im not kidding, fucking stop, you warned, as his hand drifted to the side of your leg, pushing the drenched garment to the side. He laughed, and with his left hand, slipped under your shirt and caressed your stomach, dangerously close to your chest. Now, now, he cooed, pressing a thumb to your swollen clit and enjoying you writhe under him. What are you going to do if I dont? Panting softly, you reached around and danced a hand across his thigh. He couldnt help but take in a deep breath as you fondled his member through his sweatpants. Shit, he exhaled, thrusting forward slightly, regretting his choice of attire. You gripped him tighter and he pursed his lips together, denying you any more satisfaction. Your breath caught in your throat when you felt a digit enter you to the hilt, painfully slow. You looked around you, praying that no one was watching or listening, but the nearby commuters seemed to be asleep or engrossed in their phones. Let me just remind you, he whispered maliciously, pulling it out at the same pace, who the boss is here. You moaned as quietly as possible, and Yoongi hastily coughed at the same time drowning you out. His left hand reached under your bra and clutched your breast, massaging it. Y/N, he scolded, you know those moans are for me. And me only. He emphasized his disappointment by thrusting into you roughly and gently rubbing your swollen nipple. You began to stroke him slowly, and he followed your pace, gritting his teeth as your walls clenched down on him. God, you feel so good. I cant wait to be inside you. he murmured, and you moaned again. Yoongi inserted another finger and clicked his tongue. What did I just tell you, Jagi? he sighed, holding you up as your legs faltered. Things would be so much easier if you just listened to me. You attempted to reply but no words came out of your mouth. Pressure was starting to build in your core and your head was hot and light from lack of oxygen. You closed your eyes and pressed it against the wall and stopped fighting, pleasure flowing through your veins. The train whistled, announcing entry into a tunnel. Yoongi snickered at the irony and leaned into you again as you stroked him faster. The tunnel approached and he quickened his pace, breathing heavily into your ear. Are you ready to come for me? he muttered, and released your breast, bringing his hand down to hold your waist. W-what? you choked out, and he pulled out again, circling your entrance. You heard me, Yoongi demanded, seemingly forgetting the crowd around him. He forced your hand against the wall and held on to your wrist. Its time to come. Now. The train wailed as darkness enveloped you and Yoongi immediately began to torment you. He slammed his curved fingers into you repeatedly and you bit down on his arm to prevent a cry of pleasure. You pumped his member and he was thrusting forward into you, taking full advantage of your temporary cover. His breath was ragged and you could tell by his erratic movement he was as close as you were. Yoongi….I cant…please…! The tunnel was rapidly reaching its end. Yoongi thrusted a few more times before swearing sharply under his breath, his body jerking behind you. He thumbed your clit again and it brought you to climax, the intensity surging through you. You pulled your hand away from him and bit down on it to stop your scream. It took everything you had not to make a sound and the lack of release made the orgasm that much more intense. He removed his hand from your skirt, wiping his fingers on the side as your body convulsed. You took quiet deep breaths, attempting to come down as quickly as possible from your high. Standing up straight, you tried to bring your breathing back to normal. The train exited the tunnel and you winced as the light hit your eyes. You heard Yoongi chuckle again behind you, weary and out of breath. You angrily turned to face him, his cheeks flushed and face gleaming. The train began to slow down, and you realized you had reached your destination. You didnt last very long, you whispered to him, still panting as the train blew another warning whistle. Neither did you, he scoffed, pulling you back to make way for the opening doors. You could feel lewd eyes boring through you. Thatll be different tonight though. You climbed off of the train carefully, your legs still shaky, and turned to look at him disapprovingly. What? He inquired, cocking his head to the side. He gazed lustfully at you, hunger clearly not satiated. Did you think I was done? You were about to protest when something caught your attention. Yoongi followed your gaze and his eyes widened. The doors on the train were closing and through them , a middle aged man stared at the couple. His eyes were narrowed in disgust and he shook his head at them as the train resumed its course. You looked back at Yoongi in astonishment. Do you think he…? I think so. You both paused and burst into laughter simultaneously. He took your hand and his head nodded towards the exit. Come on, he said huskily, dragging you behind him, Im just getting started. ~*~
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You're such an amazing writer! I look forward to more
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