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It has been confirmed that actor Park Shi Hoo is no longer included on the KBS broadcast suspension list. According to the result of the investigation, the actor is not legally considered as an offender therefore, he does not qualify for a suspension. However, his appearance from hereafter is still unclear. KBS has commented, “Because the situation caused a social disturbance, we cannot overlook the national ethos. We cannot give a clear answer on his appearance on the air but we will discuss thoroughly but we cannot ignore the overall feeling of the society.” Currently, a total of 23 names including Lee Sang Min, Song Young Chang, MC Mong, Lee Sung Jin, and Jung Wook are on the KBS banned list. Park Si Yeon, Lee Seung Yeon, and Jang Mi In Ae are under pending until their trial comes to an end for their propofol case. (Source: Nate, I'm happy that the case came to and end and KBS decided to crossed his name from the suspension list. But what's done has been done: his image is on a sinking ship that is hard to rescue. It will be extremely difficult for him to find a new project. But let's stay positive and hope that there's a silver lining out there, somewhere...
Anyways PSH I will wait for your next drama Fighting!
oh okay so u speak Korean then?
@SiahNNisiJennin nope but I used to stay in Korea during my college days. :)
@winterlovesong sorry but are u Korean?
@SiahNNisiJennin Actually since Korean culture is very different from us, this might be a big deal to them. That's why I don't think it's appropriate to say that. I just hope that as time passes people will forget about it and he will bounce back as an actor. It's a lesson for PSH himself too.
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