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It was 2 a.m. on Valentine’s Day and you were asleep on your couch.
Although your boyfriend wasn’t with you and you hadn’t gotten to exchange gifts on the love filled holiday, you couldn’t say that you were entirely unhappy. He had tried his best to text you whenever he could due to the fact he was in a band called BTS that had crazy schedules everyday, and you could clearly see how distresesd he was that he had left you all alone that night. You knew deep down that he loved you and that he was doing his best, and you didn’t want to make him even more unhappy by reflecting your disappointment in your facial expressions. You texted him some happy emojis and told him to just focus on getting home safetly, so what if you didn’t see him one day out of the entire year? everything was going to be okay.
Even as you said that though, you couldn’t help but feel a tinge of hurt linger inside your heart. You wanted so desperately to be mature and accept the fact that it wasn’t a big deal that you were missing Valentine’s Day with your boyfriend, but there was a small part of you that was really quite upset. You felt like a child, but you were extremely envious of all the happy couples around you, giggling and posting the flowers and chocolates they got from their special someone on instagram. You had always wanted to feel loved and special on Valentine’s Day, maybe it was because the holiday was so heavily advertised or because you rarely had the chance to celebrate it, but you did somehow wish that Jimin was regular.
You meant regular in the sense that he wasn’t an idol that was gone working for most of the week, being alone when you were surrounded by a world filled so much romantic love made you realize has a whole how lonely you could get. You loved that your boyfriend was fulfilling his dreams and doing what he was passionate about, however you wished that you could see him more and that he could have a break every once in a while. Dates were normally a thing of the past and your relationship was moved to skyping and texting if you were lucky. You felt so bitter as you lounged on the couch, refusing to move to the bed because the huge mattress would only remind you of how alone you were without Jimin.
At 3 a.m., the door opened very carefully and soon enough a figure clad in a coat and hat walked in. He stripped himself of his outdoor necessities before strolling through the hallway, softly calling out your name as he peeked into the bedroom only to find that your sleeping frame couldn’t be found. His eyebrows furrowed together as Jimin slowly retraced his footsteps to enter the kitchen, then finally noticing that you had fallen asleep on the couch. He yawned and slowly a smile formed when he approached the piece of furniture, his arms slowly wounding around your body as he carefully picked you up and noticed your eyebrows fluttering as you were being moved.
He was planning on tucking you in when your eyes fully opened and you let out a sigh of content at the sight of the person you had been missing so much, and involuntarily your arms reached up to envelop his upper frame into a warm hug, and he chuckled softly as he pressed a kiss against your cheek. He mumbled whether or not you wanted to go to bed, and when you shook your head, he didn’t protest your wishes. Slowly Jimin put you down to sit on the couch, he removed his phone from his pocket, pressed a few buttons, and soon enough a romantic song was playing. He gently took your hands in his and pulled you up to stand next to him, and the most magical thing happened that night. You both slow danced for what seemed like hours, and everything felt right as you two moved along to older songs and didn’t express your love in words - rather in dance.
Since it is getting close to valentines day. Here y'all go!!

Oh MY GAT!!! 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 *tears of joy* That was so beautiful!!!! So sweet and Beautiful!!! THANK YOU 😢😢😢👍👍👍👍👍
aww that was so amazingly romantic!!!😢😢💖💖💖💖