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Name: Jasper Liu Born: August 12, 1986 (age 29), Taipei, Taiwan Height: 5′ 11″ Jasper is a Taiwanese actor, model and musician.

1st Drama?

I just finished watching "When I See You Again" which he plays the main lead in as a character who in the past was ugly, a nerd and ignored by others. But later after 10 years he is now a completely different person. He is known rich, handsome and is now noticed by everyone. His character drew me in right away and when he became handsome, I fell completely in love with him. His smile and the thing I love most, his dimples are so cute. Those dimples and his bright white smile kill me each time.

2nd Drama?

I just started watching another drama with him in it called "Love Myself or You" and I'm only episode 2 but I like his characters personality in this one alot because he seems very sweet, honest and curious. Based off my 1st impression. He's still really cute in this show too.

Puff Guo approves of him!

So hot...

Whether it's short or long hair.

His dimples!

So beautiful!!! <3

He can pull off anything!

He is know my favorite Taiwanese actor because of "When I See You Again"!

Do you know Jasper Liu, if so what dramas have you watched him in and do you like him or Nah?

he is soooo cuttte I love Taiwanese actors❤😘👌
pufff!!!! he kinda looks like the guy in cheese in the trap cant remember name now
@VeronicaArtino I'm so ready, lol if it's anything like how "Just You" was on my feels then I'm prep because that one killed me...
yes he is awesome and I am so happy you are watching love myself or you. it pulls at your heart strings be prepared
@TanyaGautam It makes the show more interesting that way
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