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I was only able to get some since my phone died but they sounded so good :)
When you try to say all the English words you know Lol and Baekhyun being a tease
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D.O and Suho
Call me baby.. One of the best parts about a kpop concert is the singing in unison <3. They we're really happy and excited that we sang and knew a lot of the words. They even kept trying to get closer to us Lol I don't think they we're used to the stage. They couldn't really go anywhere. They we're so cute lol
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@juliavip aww wish I could have been that close Lol. I was up top bit it was still great
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@bnrenchilada yeah it was a bit pricey for the tickets
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:0 where is that restaurant at ?
2 years ago·Reply
it was in Dallas, not down town but somewhere not too far from the hmart @JayRaider
2 years ago·Reply
@moonchild03 oh ok thx ! :D
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